Why JustCause

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Why Just Cause International?

Just Cause International.com is a peer-funding campaign platform that invites individuals, groups, communities, businesses, and charitable organizations to raise support for innovative social-good initiatives and humanitarian projects. Our two-fold mission is provide a forum and tools for inspired “change-makers” to raise funds for social good and to build an intentional community of supporters dedicated to facilitating a better quality of life for people around the globe.

At Just Cause International, we believe one person with an idea can make a big impact! Our platform was created to make it easy for anyone with a vision and passion for a just cause to present creative solutions to social problems.

What kind of projects does Just Cause invite?

Just Cause International invites campaigns that inspire hope,  bring light, and create positive, innovative social change across a wide-range of issues––from education, food security and sustainability and healthcare to innovative initiatives that encourage peaceful co-existence between between conflict groups and provide humanitarian aide to those whose lives, livelihoods, communities, homes and/or business properties, and personal safety are significantly impacted by disaster or the violent actions of others, including:

  1. Natural and human-caused disasters
  2. Racial, ethnic, cultural,  and religious conflict zones
  3. Racism, anti-semitism, and/or religious persecution
  4. Human trafficking
  5. Rioting and violence
  6. Terrorism and war

The founders of Just Cause International have a special passion for projects in support of those impacted by disaster (natural or human-caused), conflict and the violence of others, and the trauma that follows in their wake. We encourage projects that renew hope, repair the breaches, rebuild what is damaged, restore what is lost, facilitate peaceful co-existence, and renew a better quality of life for those whose lives have been “arrested” by such events.


*Just Cause International is privately-owned corporation that is non-partisan and non-political. We, therefore, reserve the right to be selective in approving or declining to campaigns. While we encourage and support initiatives for just causes, positive social change, and humanitarian aide, Just Cause International does not host campaigns promoting any political agenda. 

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