We always knew chocolate was magical! But who knew a simple touch of chocolate could brighten the future for at-risk youth and bring smiles to so many whom life rarely has smiled upon? 

We did! And that’s precisely what we do!

Led by professional chocolatier and candy maker, Oded Mokaya, Sweet Delights––a social chocolate boutique––established “A Touch of Chocolate”, a training program for at-risk youth that empowers boys and girls to learn the fine art of chocolate making and teaches them the business of bringing these delights to market. 

Our young trainees take part in every stage of chocolate making––from preparation to finished product and the practical business aspects of labeling, packaging, pricing, and marketing to potential buyers.

Overseen by staff members of the Pardes Chana Welfare Department in Israel’s Haifa District, our “Touch of Chocolate” training improves fine motor skills, develops critical thinking, facilitates positive social behaviors that enhance social integration in community and increased potential for life success for our boys and girls.

Currently, there are 4 trainee groups. Yet, this year there are many more boys and girls seeking to be trained. The program has  expanded significantly––doubling the previously year’s enrollees. We seek your assistance in opening 5 additional trainee groups enabling us to accommodate 70 new participants!

How did such a unique outreach come about? It was born of a unique community––Garin Or-LeMerchave––a collaborative see community whose members share a common purpose of effecting social change by strengthening and enriching all who live within.

In 2010, in Pardes Chana of Israel’s Haifa District, Garin Or-LaMerchave sprang to life! From different towns all over the nation, the 25 families came to participate in establishing a Torah-oriented community that would implement educational, social, and cultural programs in Pardes Chana.

In order to realize its vision, Garin Or-LaMerchave’s members contribute to the collaborative from their backgrounds, life experiences, and vocation. Together, the Garin’s members established a non-profit organization to over see it’s projects and social programs, such as: The Center for Local Existence, and our Sweet Delights Chocolate Factory––a social benefit venture designed specifically to empower and equip at-risk youth.

Sweet Delights accomplishes its own component of the garin’s community mission by teaching young people not only how to make high-quality chocolates and also the business of selling them in the marketplace.

Recently, our Sweet Delights Boutique moved to the mall in the center of Pardes Chana. Our new place includes a Coffee Shop and space for chocolate creation. In addition, a special program component was added to connect our at-risk children with the “golden age” population of Pardes Chana and Karkur, who can certainly serve as mentors to the children.

Thank you for contributing to our Touch of Chocolate Training Program––the sweetest, most delightful way of brightening the future and bringing smile to 70 additional young people!

Pledged of $30,000 Goal
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Sweet Delights is a social chocolate boutique that not only creates amazing chocolate treats, but through its Touch of Chocolate Training Program achieves the over-arching social benefit of inspiring at-risk youth in Pardes Chana, Israel a sense of belonging and the joyful feeling of participation, and brightens their future by equipping them for success in business as well. We invite you to contribute to helping us reach our goal of $30,000 so that we may enable 70 additional at-risk youth to enjoy the sweet business of chocolate making and sales––from mixing bowl to market!
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