Black Dog Classic Marinara Cannery

Did you ever hear the saying “treated like a dog” or “it’s a dog’s life?” Both are meant to imply a miserable, unhappy existence. Our Black Dog Classic Marinara crowding campaign is designed to help change that! We believe a dog's life is cause for celebration.

At Joe & Mimi’s New York Style Pizzeria in Granville, Ohio, we’re all about good! Good food, good business, and sharing our blessings to bring good to the lives of others––even furry lives! That’s why we’re raising $32,000 to open the Black Dog Classic Marinara Cannery.

We believe the blessings of good business should be shared––opening a stream of benevolence to help improve our world. Our passion is saving dogs in need of rescue (like our Leo) and dogs that rescue people. So, a percentage of the profit from every jar of Mimi’s Black Dog Classic Marinara sold will be donated toward improving life for “man’s best friend” and providing training for dogs who serve to improve life for children with special needs and US military veterans with disabilities.

Dogs are such special beings! Their playful antics make us smile! Yet, its their fierce loyalty, unconditional love, and unique dedication to serving people that sets them apart from other creatures. Unfortunately, too many find themselves living a miserable “dog’s life”. Others are well-loved but need “school funding” to train and equip them for serving special needs.

Our Black Dog Classic Marinara receives rave reviews. Created using only fresh, high-quality ingredients like organic tomatoes, olive oil, butter, and garlic, its fast become a local favorite. So, we're launching a cannery operation so it can be sold in the open market and create a continuously flowing stream of funding for the needs of dogs we love so much!

As soon as our $32,000 goal is reached, we'll purchase equipment and begin canning our Black Dog Classic Marinara. Donating a percentage of sales profits, we'll provide ongoing support to our network of local dog rescuers and 4 Paws for Ability—a non-profit organization located in Xenia, Ohio that trains service dogs for special needs children worldwide and disabled US military veterans.

Thank you for letting us share our story. We invite you to donate to our campaign! Together with the generosity of dog-lovers like our local rescue network, our great "doggie day school", The K-9 Spot in Granville, and friends like you, together, we’ll not spread the culinary pleasure of our great tasting marinara but help save many dogs in need of rescue and provide training for service dogs for children with special needs! Thank you for donating to support our cause!

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The Black Dog Classic Marinara Cannery Project--for dogs in need of rescue and dogs that rescue people!
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