Tell us about your Just Cause

We invite you to present an overall summary and introduction to your group and project. Once approved, your project will be visible to the public. We encourage you to invite your supporters to follow your project page and keep abreast of news about your group or organization.

Begin working on your presentation pitch

Your project page is the place where you will describe your project in detail, post your video, list rewards, and enlist support from donors. *Go here to learn how to view your campaign one it goes live and to make any necessary edits.

Submit your Just Cause Project for approval

At Just Cause, we provide customized feedback for all projects to help you launch the strongest and most compelling campaign possible. As a reminder, we require the following in order to consider your campaign for approval:
  1. An original video, uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo
  2. At least 3 rewards. More info here
  3. A clear description of your project and your funding goals
  4. A method to collect donations
    1. PayPal (widely accepted around the world) and/or
    2. For more information on these, please visit our FAQ page. Additional details of our criteria can be found here.

Project review and feedback

Please note that we manually review and all campaigns submitted for approval. Once you click “Submit for Approval,” on your draft and have included all minimum requirements as outlined above, you can expect that our team of Project Support Specialists will send you customized feedback on your project within two business days. Please inform us with your submission if you are working on a tight launch schedule, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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