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Building your Just Cause Campaign

Defining your project

All Just Cause projects endeavor to create a social good, initiate social change, or address a humanitarian need. The more focused and specific are your goals, the easier it will be to establish trust among potential supporters. As you prepare your campaign, work to ensure clarity by establishing a well-defined scope with tangible, realistic, and concrete aspirations.

Before you begin, you’ll need to be sure your project meets our criteria. Also, it’s best to consult with stakeholders to be sure you’ve captured their great ideas and thereby circumvent the need to make major changes once the project goes live.


Setting your funding goals

Be diligent to make a sound assessment of how much is really needed to execute your project. A thoroughly researched budget not only helps set your funding goals but also inspires confidence in your supporters.

If your project needs only one-time funding (such as drilling a water well in a dry community), you will set only one funding goal––the Sure Start goal. However, if your project is designed with sustainability in mind, you will set two funding goals: Sure Start and Optimum Outset.

Your Sure Start Goal is the amount truly needed to launch your Just Cause Initiative. Reaching this goals ensures you can accomplish something tangible and make a worthwhile impact. This Sure Start amount must be attained for your campaign to be considered successful; without achieving this target amount your project cannot be implemented.

Your Optimum Outset Goal allows you to take your project further and deliver additional benefits to your target community. Consider this amount your “first class” ticket or best case scenario.

You set the proportions, though the Sure Start Goal must be at least 25% of your Optimum Outset Goal. Reaching your Sure Start Goal gives your supporter confidence their hard-earned cash is being spent on a project that has the funding it needs to be effective and successful.


Choose Your Rewards

Offering rewards shows gratitude to your supporters and allows them a greater sense of participation in and connection to your Just Cause. We believe the best rewards are those that serve as reminders of the part your supporters played in getting launching your projects. We suggest rewards that are project or community relevant.


Create a Video      

We want to ensure that your campaign reaches its highest level of success! Campaign videos are a must. Unless you’re raising money for a professional video production project, it doesn’t need to be professionally recorded. A campaign video is the single best way to establish a “heart connection” with your supporters. (Heart counts more than quality video production.) Moreover, campaigns with videos on other crowdfunding sites raise double the funds of those without.

Make your video a window into your personal story. Show people that twinkle you get in your eye when you share your project and let them know what it means to you and the people you will impact.

Be sure to upload your video to either YouTube or Vimeo. Here are a few more tips:

  1. The shorter the better. Videos should be no more than 2-3 minutes long.
  2. Remember, your goal is spark passion in others for your Just Cause, capturing hearts and imaginations, so tell potential supporters your story and what it means to you!
  3. YOU and your team should appear in your video, even if you’re camera-shy!
  4. Music can help make the emotional connection, but it shouldn’t be too repetitive or overpower your voice. If in doubt, leave it out.
  5. Be sure to include the amount you hope to raise and present a clear call to action. Remind your donors exactly what you’re trying to do and what it is you’re asking them to do.


Build the Project Page

Put the most significant information first; most people’s attention is captured or lost in the first two lines. And you’ll want to make an emotional connection with your supporters within the first two paragraphs.

Using subheadings and lists breaks up the text and catches the eye of those who skim before reading more deeply: Who We Are, Our Story, Our Project. and Why It Matters, What You Can Do to Help, etc. are excellent subheadings.

Use diagrams to communicate complex ideas visually.

Use large, good quality photographs as they tend to brighten up the page.

Explain clearly and concisely what you’ll do with your funds if you reach your Sure Start Goal, and if you raise more toward the Optimum Outset Goal. Clear, straightforward language in this section inspires confidence in your supporters, as well-defined target actions and transparency about where the funds will go encourage trust.

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