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Welcome to Just Cause International! We’re so excited at the opportunity to facilitate many project thats bring hope and brighten other’s lives!
As I write this, daily news reports are filled deep concerns of nature’s fury and dark stories of violent human conflict. Yet, we believe every candle of idea is a light that dispels darkness!
When days seem too difficult and hardships just too big, the human spirit inevitably rises! In the face of every challenge, creative inspiration dawns; overcomers stand to meet the challenge and illuminate the pathways to a better place.
We, at Just Cause International, aspire to be counted among the social change-makers! So we’ve pooled our talents and resources, determined to build a site to facilitate crowdfunding for as many projects as possible––enhancing the quality of life for others in our homeland and around the globe.
It’s a just small beginning, yet every small start is a seed––like an acorn––pregnant with the living potential to birth a magnificent “oak” of positive social change. Ideas––seeds of human light––and the power to brighten our own circles of influence lie inside each of us! All that’s needed is to embrace the inspiration sparked within, raise a hand, saying, “I will!”, and simply move forward in hope.
Hope germinates whenever we simply engage an idea and show up determined to communicate: “We see you! We hear your voice! You are not alone!”
While we may never control Nature’s sometimes threshing force or prevent clashing conflicts between governments, cultures, and religions, as individuals, we can––as individuals––step forward as overcomers, volunteering creativity and resources, and embracing inspiration, so that others too may be inspired!
Creating social good, giving smiles to those whom life has not smiled upon, and giving from the heart is highly contagious! Just Cause International was born out of such contagion! So, we invite you to catch the inspiration and bring your contributions and projects for your favorite causes here!
Together, we can make an impact!



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