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Is there a minimum donation?

A donor may give as little as $10 and still receive the same level of choice, transparency, and feedback that is traditionally reserved for someone who gives millions.

Are Donations Tax Deductible?

Yes, while Just Cause International works as a host and service provider for campaigns, every dollar contributed to social good and humanitarian project campaigns hosted on the Just Cause International peer-funding platform is held in trust by the Pressed-In Foundation (www.pressedin.org –– a 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization) to the end of each campaign cycle when they are distributed to the project initiators. The Pressed-In Foundation acts as a fiscal agent to ensure proper distribution of charitable donations..

What happens if a project doesn't reach its goal?

If a partially funded project expires without meeting its Sure Start Goal, its donors are notified by email. Their donations are returned as account credits which they may use to:

  1. Obtain a Just Cause gift card to be used at a later date
  2. Choose a new project to support

Choose to apply their donation to The Pressed-Foundation (www.pressedin.org)

How does Just Cause ensure integrity?

Just Cause vets and approves every project request to verify its authenticity and integrity. We encourage––but do not require––individuals launching projects to partner with an organization or business for their campaigns. All donations raised are handled in accordance with US and state law regarding charitable donations.

*This section most likely needs legal disclaimers and specific language for our protection.

How long does a project appear on the Just Cause site?

As projects are set-up, campaigners will choose in advance a 30-day or 60-day target to meet their Sure Start Goal. (We find that 30-day campaigns tend to be the most successful.) If project goals are reached prior to the pre-set timeline, campaigns can re-set earlier termination deadlines, if they choose. For projects with ongoing aspirations, campaigns may take up to 4 months to meet their Optimum Onset Goal.

Does it cost money to present a project on the Just Cause site?

No, typically, launching a project campaign is free of charge. However, some exceptions do apply. Campaigns launched by individuals or by international organizations may require additional vetting. In these instances, a processing fee (to be determined on a case–by-case basis) will be required.

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